Buses for refugees
Help us pay for buses from Narva to Riga
We are looking for partners
Help us pay for buses
Your donations would pay for buses to transport refugees from Narva, where they cross the border, to Riga, where they start their European journey. If your company pays for a bus, we will gratefully mention the company name on our website, and, if desired, we will relay your message to refugees.
Pay for the bus
Narva-Riga, 20 June
This bus was paid off anonymously
Pay for the bus
Narva-Riga, 18 June
This bus was paid off anonymously
Rubikus is a team of volunteers
that helps people reach their new homes
We will tell you how Ukrainians are welcomed in different European countries and what requirements must be met to enter them.

Developing travel rout
We will plan a convenient route, select appropriate transportation, and provide extra mobility support for those that need it

A Rubikus coordinator will be with you each step of the way. They will support you, provide advice, and help resolve any issues or difficulties
Our partners
Our partners, sponsors, and friends, thanks to whom we can help not just those who are leaving Ukraine but also those Ukrainians that have unwillingly found themselves on Russian Federation soil
The Cash For Refugees team provides financial assistance to our refugees
who require supplementary funding for unexpected expenses