Holiday Card Help Ukrainian Refugees
This holiday season consider gifting a card that will help a refugee family from Ukraine find their new home. Painted in watercolor by Marina Rakhlin, this card highlights the importance of human connection across the miles.
Holiday Cards for Friends and Family
10 per card
You can purchase cards at our Etsy shop. All the proceeds will be donated to Rubikus. Feel free to share the link with your friends and family. If you are interested in getting 25 or more cards, reach out to us directly
Order 25 cards or more to send to your employees, colleagues, partners, or teachers
25 postcards
150 donation for 25 cards
Order 25 cards or more to send to your employees, colleagues, partners, or teachers. We'd also provide you with the addresses of our hostels in Europe so consider getting your friends and community together to hand-write some of the cards for refugee families who are passing through.

  • For a donation of $150 we will send you a pack of 25 cards and a mailing address of hostels where you can send your cards or gifts
  • If you want to purchase 25 or more cards, please make the donation following the Paypal Link
  • Fill out the google form below and the cards will be at your doorstep at no time
I would like to sell the cards at my bake sale or community event
50 a pack
Consider selling the cards in your community: perfect for Christmas parties and holiday markets. Everyone would love the cozy illustration and a card that makes a positive difference in the life of a Ukrainian refugee family.

Reach out to us with information about your event and we will gladly send you a bulk order of cards at the purchase price of $50 per stack of 25 cards. We can promote your event across our social media channels and write a post about the important work you are doing in your community on our official Rubikus account.

Reach out to @mashatsuk with anu questions, we are open to creative ideas and can help with bulk shipping of orders, let’s discuss!
Already got your holiday cards but still want to help?
To learn more about Rubikus and the ways to help Ukrainian refugees
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On instagram we post the stories of refugees who have been helped. We are collecting money for travel and housing and we need your support