Mission Statement

Rubikus.HelpUA is a team of volunteers helping Ukrainian refugees affected by the war travel to safety in Europe.

Rubikus aims to facilitate evacuations for free through the help of our extensive network. However, that is not always possible. As Europe becomes fatigued by the influx of refugees the previously free resources provided are no longer available. Our mission is critical because oftentimes we are the only resource left for people to turn to.

About Us
Before February 24th, 2022, “Rubikus e.V.” was a German-based charitable organization. For over ten years, every summer Rubikus volunteers organized a festival of the arts for Russian-speaking families from across Europe. In the spring of 2022 following the Russian invasion, Rubikus. e.V. pivoted from being education-focused to being evacuation-focused: Our community applied the skills we developed over years of event facilitation to our evacuation project, and so Rubikus.helpUA was formed.

Our first case was initiated on Feb 24, 2022, and since then over 3000 families have reached out for help. During May, our team received on average 50 new requests for help a day. To date, our volunteers have provided support and consultation to over 9000 individuals. This is made possible ​​with the help of a team of passionate and capable volunteers who work remotely using a secure messaging platform.

How Do We Do It
Our work is made possible by working 24/7 in tandem with volunteers on the ground, who offer a network of transport and lodgings across Europe for evacuees; and with our remote volunteers who coordinate and advocate on behalf of refugees in foreign countries. Advocacy is critical to our work because many refugees feel disoriented by local policies, paperwork and langauge barriers. Our volunteers bridge that gap and simultaneously ensure that our refugees rights are respected. .

General Evacuation
Since February 24th, 2022, Rubikus.helpUA has been committed to helping every Ukrainian who reaches out for help. Help ranges from providing a travel consult to developing comprehensive evacuation operations which include step-by-step guidance for refugees, purchase of tickets, and booking of temporary lodging throughout their journey. Rubikus team offers assistance to medically vulnerable individuals, those traveling with pets, elders, young children, and disabled dependents, including those on the ASD spectrum.

Northern Stream Evacuation
As of April 9th 2022, Rubikus has been providing advocacy and case management for Ukrainians from occupied territories who are most heavily affected by the war. These families have resorted to fleeing through Russian filtration camps and over the Russian/Estonian border. Once in Estonia, Latvia or Poland we provide them with shelter, tickets, transport, and food all the way to their final destination anywhere in Europe.

  • All funds received by Rubikus.helpUA go directly towards evacuation efforts. We are a volunteer-led and run organization.
  • In the past, we have received funding from partner organizations and private donations.

Now more than ever our organization needs financial and human resources. Every day the number of evacuation requests we receive grows exponentially. We are committed to finding the most cost effective options for our evacuation efforts. However, Our work can not be made possible without external funding.

If you are interested in making a donation to continue supporting our evacuation efforts please donate